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Stop At Nothing

A NA SEA fight-focused WvW guild


About Rush

Stop At Nothing

Stop At Nothing [Rush] is a NA SEA fight-focused WvW guild in Guild Wars 2.

We primarily run WvW squad in SEA time (9PM - 11PM GMT+8 / 1PM - 3PM GMT) in weekends and sometimes in weekdays. Currently we are on Dragonbrand (linked with Borlis Pass) world.


Be Part of Rush

Join Discord and Guild

Feel free to join our public WvW squad and Discord. We play hard, but play fun.

Hovever, we only accept players who show initiative to improve self, challenge self, and are willing to be part of us. Check our recruitment page for more details!

If you would like to take part in discussions, consider join our Discord also. This is also the best place to receive immediate support for any questions.


Supports & Policies

We respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect. Please refer to our legal page about our privacy policies, terms of serivce, and all legal notices.

If you found any problem, question, or bug on website, please contact us in Discord.


We Open Source

Friendly Development

We love open source and thus our website, including website, system backend, and manifests are hosted on GitHub.