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Power Scourge



We are still working on adjusting, testing, and editing this build and guides. The build might work well, but we are making sure this build matching our fightstyles.


Power Scourge brings high spike damage, and a huge amount of boon corruption. You are the primary source of damage and boon striping.

As a Scourge , you are granted access to:

Brust Power
Condition Cleansing
Boon Striping
Team Support
Enemy Pressure
Credit ivan.6521
Updated 2021 / 09 / 06
Source 8e1815d



General Guides

As a DPS role in a team, you should always stay behind with your supporters about 180 range, so they can heal, condition cleansing, and provide you boons.

Bursting on Call

In a typical zerg fight, making an enemy down by only one person is basically impossible, at least save one of wells or breach burst combinations on your commander calls.

The Core of Build

The Scourge loses access to Death Shroud in exchange for shade skills. The shade skills cost static life force which does not scale with total life force pool. Also, all traits that activate when entering / leaving shroud will instead activate when using Desert Shroud .

All shade skills are cast around you and all sand shade you created by Manifest Sand Shade and all shade skills except Manifest Sand Shade have a half-second delay before activating.

  • Skills
  • Axe / Focus
  • Scepter / Dagger
  • Sand Flare is your healing skill and provides barriers to allies. Precast before taking damage, during kiting, or sustentation.
  • Well of Suffering is your biggest AoE damage, combining with crowd controls of your allies and boon striping.
  • Well of Corruption is a huge AoE boon striping, combining with crowd controls and damages of your allies.
  • Trail of Anguish is your stun-break, and can also be used for pushing.
  • Ghastly Breach is huge AoE damage and boon striping, combining with crowd controls and damages of your allies.
  • Rending Claws is your auto-attack chain with single target Vulnerability
  • Ghastly Claws provides heavy single target damage and life force refilling.
  • Unholy Feast is AoE boon striping around you and also huge damage if health of your target is below 50%.
  • Soul Grasp refills life force with single target Vulnerability
  • Spinal Shivers is huge single target damage and boon striping.
  • Gears
  • Traits
  • Runes
  • Sigils

Replace Berserker gears with Marauder to improve survivability.

Replace Spite with Soul Reaping to gain more damage but need Fury from your allies. If you change traitlines, remeber adjusting gears to reach 100% critical chance.