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Support Firebrand provides powerful healing, condition cleansing, and boons to allies. You play an important role to maintain sustainability of your team. The purpose of this build is to provide maximum support to allies via Aegis , Might , Protection , Regeneration , Resolution , Stability , Quickness , healing, condition cleansing, and crowd controls.

You heal allies by dodging, by giving Aegis , from your utility skills and tomes. You also provide constant healing and optional burst healing when required.

As a Firebrand , your virtues becomes tomes:

  • Tome of Justice is mainly used for Burning pressures and crowd control.
  • Tome of Resolve provides burst healing, condition cleansing, and water field.
  • Tome of Courage is the primary way to protect your party with Aegis , Protection , Stability , and reflection.
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Condition Cleansing
Boon Striping
Team Support
Enemy Pressure
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Updated 2021 / 09 / 05
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General Guides
  • Under "General Options" / "User Interface" check "Always show squad health bars" and "Always show party health bars". This will make it much easier to keep track of who needs support. Besides, you can also check "Thick squad health bars" or "Thick party health bars" but they are up to your personal preference
  • Under "Squad Options" uncheck "View as a grid". This will allow you to keep track of your allies' boons, conditions, and health, enabling better decision-making and skill management.
The Core of Build

The core of this build consists of Firebrand specialization which grants you access to powerful boon support, Pure of Heart trait which is your primary healing source via Aegis , and Battle Presence which shares your Virtue of Resolve passive to allies to constant healing.

The Firebrand specialization brings you Tome of Resolve and Tome of Courage . Both of them bring new skill sets which grant you access to an extremely powerful boon support, healing, and condition cleansing as well as unique buff for your alles. It's fundamental to know when to enter and stow a tome, how to support while a tome is on cooldown.

Pure of Heart is your primary trait to keep your allies' health. It will heal if your Aegis blocks an attack. One source of Aegis comes from your Mantra of Solace and sometimes your Mace. The Honor specialization also brings you Selfless Daring which heals your allies when you dodge roll.

Battle Presence share your Virtue of Resolve passive to allies which is a health regeneration. Coupled with Purity of Body , your Virtue of Resolve passive can also regenerate endurance. With Loremaster , you retain Virtue of Resolve and Virtue of Courage passives even when they are on cooldown.

  • Aegis
  • Healing
  • Virtues

Your primary healing comes from Aegis which is synergistic with Pure of Heart .

One of the important purposes is to maintain allies' sustainability. Your Virtue of Resolve passive is shared to allies because of Battle Presence .

Virtues are fundamental to play Firebrand , most of your healing, boon support, and condition cleansing are dependent on virtues.


Your Tome of Justice brings you Burning pressure; however, you should notice your Burning will be Aegis if your opponent converts them.

Your Tome of Resolve brings you instant and continual healing to allies.

Your Tome of Courage brings you strong Aegis , Resolution , Stability for your allies.

  • Skills
  • Staff
  • Mace / Shield

"Stand Your Ground!" is immensely strong in group fight and provides 5 stacks of Stability with considerable duration for your party. This is your main and most important source of group Stability . Don't use "Stand Your Ground!" as a stun-break unless it's absolutely necessary; you can use Mantra of Liberation as your stun-break instead.

Besides "Stand Your Ground!" , most of your skills are mantras, and they have reduced recharge time. Mantras from Firebrand have powerful "final charge" which grant powerful effects, but you have to re-cast them after cooldown. Think twice before using the final charge.

Mantra of Solace is your healing skill and grant Aegis to allies. Mantra of Solace only heals yourself.

Mantra of Lore is your on demand AoE condition cleansing, and it also grants allies Regeneration . Use Mantra of Lore whenever condition cleansing is required.

Mantra of Liberation is your on-demand stun-break and grants Stability to allies. You can use Mantra of Liberation whenever maintaining Stability or stun-break is necessary. We recommend to use Mantra of Liberation over "Stand Your Ground!" when you are not sure if the enemy is going to push or just fake push; also when we are just committing a small and ranged skirmish.

Signet of Mercy can be a savior if you cast it well at the right mate. Coordinated the usage with your team to save those stunned, pulled, or downed during regrouping.

Your Empower is a good opening skill to stack Might; Line of Warding is a strong crowd control and can be used as offensive and defensive skill.

The Mace / Shield can be a defensive weapon set.


In a party, you should provide your unique support and avoid overlapping skills with your teammates. If you are paired with Support Scrapper or Support Tempest , all provide healing but only you provide a large amount of Stability . Thus you should prioritize your Stability and fill the gap of healing for your teammate.

  • Gears
  • Traits
  • Skills
  • Runes
  • Sigils
  • If you change Mace with another weapon, remember to swap Invigorated Bulwark with Protector's Restoration .
  • Swap Mace with Axe to bring more crowd control at the cost of a powerful block and boon support.
  • Swap Mace with Scepter to bring a single target Immobile .